Hookup Dinner Article by Entrepreneur Magazine

Hookup Dinner Article by Entrepreneur Magazine

By Alison Job – Entrepreneur Magazine – Jun 18, 2013

The Hookup Dinner


We’ve all attended a myriad of networking sessions where we’ve thought: “I could have stayed home, I don’t know anybody here.

If we are honest with ourselves, it’s not that it was boring, it’s just that approaching total strangers and trying to network is such a daunting task.

The whole point of networking is built on the premise of increasing your network, which should in turn, impact your net worth. But this is no easy task unless you’re a born networker.
In comes a new movement, borne of this frustration. Dr Lifesgud, the master connector and serial entrepreneur decided to change the rules of the game. He decided to create his own network and founded an initiative called The Hookup Dinner.

He and his business partner, Phakiso Tsotetsi, decided to do things their own way. Little did they know that they were serving a huge need in the South African entrepreneurship start-up eco system.

They attracted like-minded entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and hooked up on a monthly basis to chill-out and talk about business, frustrations and the start-up culture over food and wine.

Word spread quickly about these informal dinners and a movement was born. Since 3 August 2012 when these informal networking monthly dinners started, The Hookup Dinner has become the hot spot every entrepreneur wants to find themselves in.

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