From the level, we farm startups that wish to participate in Hackathons that are expected to be enlisted at the request of our corporate clients. However, this programme can also be customised and be opened to startups/ entrepreneurs that don’t necessarily participate in the monthly sessions. Startups from the level are also invited to showcase their innovative solutions/ businesses at BASECAMP, our annual festival of entrepreneurship


We intentionally farm startups/ entrepreneurs from the monthly sessions and the Hackathons. They are a pipeline for Bootcamps where their ideas or businesses are further developed to a point of prototypes within a short period of time. The uniqueness of the Bootcamps offerings is that it can also stand alone to respond to the special needs of an interested clients. It can be modelled, where candidates will still be monitored and empowered to experience THUD model of pitching, biz idea development and mentorship


With SETA Accredited Level 2 (New Venture Creation) & Level 4 (Business Administration) that comes with SAQA qualification the participants of Hackathons and Bootcamps as well as monthly networking sessions, THUDid8 presents an intensive yet longer (12 months) form of entrepreneur support to their growth


Again, as entrepreneurs feed from one intervention to the other, we have designed BASECAMP (a collaborative partnership where technology meets culture) to continue to be the ultimate platform to showcase with large networks of investors as well as use it to be the launchpad of new programs and partnerships during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)